Kiss me

10:21 AM

Kiss me under the Spring sun.
Hold me in the Summer breeze.
Before Fall will take away our desire.
And will freeze all our hopes in the beginning of Winter.


Outfit: VIP

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I fell in love with this outfit that includes a T-shirt and plaid skirt. Plaid patterns are super trendy these days. They give you this grungy vibes that I like.
Plus the colors of this outfits compliments my hair so much and I particularly liked the message on the T-shirt "Bésame Mucho Mucho" (kiss me a lot a lot).
It's perfect to wear for summer days and both are super comfortable to wear and high quality.
They come from a Korean shop and you may all know that I love Korean fashion so I couldn't resist!
This look is so easy to wear, just add few accessories and it will animate the outfit effortlessly.

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