Swimwear Wishlist -Zimzali

5:54 AM



Hi Crystal Souls!
Spring is here and today I wanted to share a swimwear wishlist with you!
The sun is now warm enough to jump into your favorite swimwear and achieve the perfect tan.
Personally when it comes to swimsuits, I love bikinis and one-piece swimwear the most.
This is why you can find my favorite designs from Zimzali right above.

The tropical feels is still super trendy this year and I couldn't resists these graphics and neon pastel colors.
They are super fresh and will make your tanned body look amazing.
I also liked the plaid pattern of the first piece as it has a Pinup vibe to it.
I chose V cuts since I find this cut a lot more elegant and charming. 
Plus if you have a small chest it's recommended to wear V cuts as they enhance your bust and make it look a lot more attractive.

Let me know what you think of these and which one is your favorite!
I suggest you to take a look at Zimzali, they have a love of amazing swimwear, shoes, clothing and accessories.
As always you can click on the pictures to shop these items.
Have a magical day everyone!

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