Power Girl

9:18 AM

I made this little lookbook video inspired about Korean fashion.
As you may know I am a big fan of Korea and Korean styles always spoke to me.
I like how they play with different materials, patterns, cuts and colors.
Everything is always unique and this is what I like about it.
By the way I have a discount code for you for the shirt "Girl Power" that you can see on the pictures and video. This own has been one of my favorite lately. It's everything I love, the loose sleeves, the red letters and empowering message, the blue color that matches with everything, the belt to accentuate your waist... Impossible to not fall in love with this piece!
I swear VIP has been my favorite online website lately, they have a lot a different Korean pieces and I always fall in love with them.
As promised you can get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50 at us.vip.com with my code: Marion1052
You won't regret it!
If you watched the video please let me know in the comments which look is your favorite.
Have a magical day everyone!

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