Are you Bikini-Ready? - Zaful Wishlist

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Hello Crystal souls!
Today I wanted to share a bikini wishlist with you.
These wonderful models are from Zaful, I selected my favorites from their website and I hope you will like them just as much as I do.
I love poppy colors or pastel colors when it comes to bikinis. 
They kind of make you stand out and nicely dress your body.
What I also like is that these light colors make your tanned skin even more pronounced, so if you're a tanning beauty you may like that. 
Stripped patterns, floral patterns and green topical patterns are highly trendy these days!
To be honest I am really happy about it because that's the kind of design I love.
What is your favorite pattern and what are the colors you always go for when you're shopping for a new bikini?
As for the cut what is the one that is best for you?
If you have a small bust you might need to go for V cuts and forget about chest band top, these will make your boobs look more flat and will appear smaller when a V cut will nicely show your cleavage.
As for those who has a developed chest; the opposite will be best pretty much. You can still use V cuts that are not too deep otherwise this can end up looking provocative.
You need to find a balance with your silhouette and know what will make you look good and accentuate your curves.
I hope these tips can be helpful.

Let me know down bellow your favorite bikini out of these and as always you can shop them by just clicking on the picture.
Zaful also have a super bikini promotion going on! It's super interesting! They have a lot of discounts and special offers for their 4th anniversary. Make sure to take advantage of it.
Have a wonderful day everyone!
Take care

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