You are enough

10:01 AM

"You are enough."
If someone ever told you are not worthy and you are not enough. 
They were lacking something inside them in the first place.
Love is not compensation.
Love is fusion.
When you are able to connect with another person while being your own pillar.
You're able to see that people are enough because they're doing their best all the time and follow what is right for them.
Something, everyone should admire and respect.

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Boots: Pop Julia
Jacket: VIP Shop  

I've been loving this denim jacket from VIP Shop! The raw hems and the asymmetrical cuts seduced me. Just like the ribbon "love love love" with the ring on the pocket and the ripped and cut parts of the jacket. This is a jacket that is easy to wear and animates your outfit immediately while making you look "cool"! This one is just perfect for this season and for summer days. 
It's light and comfortable to wear, everything I am looking for in a jacket! Make sure to take a look at their products because they have the most amazing and stylish pieces. you won't regret it!
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