Thomas Brodie Sangster Portrait

10:44 AM

Thomas has been such an inspiration these days.
He is such a talented artist with a beautiful perception of art that I particularly admire.
I wanted to create this portrait in the first place as a "Thank you" because we all learn from other artists and grow as one because they animate something inside that leads us on the right direction.
It's hard to explain, but I know people can feel what it is like.
Sometimes you meet a person and you know it was meant for you to realize something or to be reassured about your own path.
In fact we often forget that we become who we are thanks to the people we meant in our lives, people always have an influence on our evolution and I love to think that I am one with them, because they built me with their energies I collected as memories.
We're fragments of other souls we meet on our road and this is what makes this adventure so exciting.
Rather you meet them in the 3D world or if you meet their essence through what they shared.
Sometimes a word can change it all and this is why I love to share with you who supports my growth in this journey.
Thank you Thomas, for just being an amazing person and for sharing so openly your true personality. 

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