My obsession and my only

12:50 PM

You are hypnotic when you look at me.
When I’m with you the world collapses instantly.
There’s nothing there, just you smiling at me beautifully.
Like if from my eyes, you was my obsession and my only.

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  1. The shade of pink of your 'Paris is Life' graphic top is my absolute favourite colour!!! I also love the ruffles on the sleeves. Your lipstick and makeup look gorgeous, and you look beautiful rocking that Look 4 outfit!!!
    I also like the combination of the 'Approach With Caution 1983' photo-graphic hoodie with blue denim jacket and black skinny jeans you styled in Look 1, the Girls Unite graphic top styled with the sport pants in Look 2, the fishnets and heart earrings you rocked in Look 3. Look 4 is my favourite of the four.

  2. Aww, thank you so much for your beautiful compliments. It really means a lot to me 🌹
    I am glad you was able to appreciate my work, have a magical day ❤️