Aura Sensory - Beauty favorites

2:44 PM

I have been loving these products from Aura Sensory
They are all handmade, vegan, cruelty free and natural.
The hand cream is always next to my bed so I can hydrate my hands before I go to sleep and it does miracles!
My skin is renewed, soft and smells so good.
The acne soap they have is surely the best I have ever tried.
Generally acne soaps are too agressive and make your skin dry, but not this one! The formula is perfect and the ingredients improve the skin without being agressive. I surely recommend this soap to everyone, rather you have acne or not because it washes the skin softly while protecting and respecting it.
I also have been testing the shampoo and conditioner.
Both without sulfate, artificial fragrance and harmful chemical! 
Just everything the nature offers for your own comfort.
As you can see in the pictures I am almost running out of the shampoo, this shows just as much as I love it.
And the citrus scent it has is just perfect, it leaves my hair all clean, soft, shiny and nourished thanks to the generous conditioner. If you have dry, damaged and laking shine you need to try them!
I think this is the best combo I have ever tried to get my hair super shinny. 
I am just in love with these products and I am sure you will love them too.


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