Self Love Club

10:26 AM

I created this project to share how much self love is important 
for your own stability and self esteem.
I believe we often forget about our own comfort and self value.
We blame ourselves more than we are able to appreciate 
all the things we did.
Self love is about seeing our true self that hides behind the pressuring rules we define to reach perfection.
When perfection doesn't exist, at least outside of our mind and decisions.
So what are your chasing for if you don't take time for inner answers and appreciation?
What if you stop for a second and look at all the things you achieved, at the beautiful person you've become, at all the challenges you passed successfully...
This is you and there is so much to appreciate about you.
You become what you love so simply remember to love who you are.

Self love club T-shirt: Dead Beat Dreams

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