Georganics - Fluoride free and organic toothpaste

1:34 PM

Can you believe that it has been almost a year that I do not use commercial toothpastes anymore?
When you look at the components behind the tube you clearly fear for your life. 
If not you need to learn more about fluoride. 
In fact I am planning to talk about its danger in a video.
You need the purest form of cleansing when it comes to toothpastes. 
This is something you put in your mouth and it will obviously travel in your body.
So the best way to go is to choose something without harmful chemicals and fluoride free.
A lot of dentists and commercials tell you that your teeth need fluoride but it is not true.
In fact fluoride will weakened your teeth and can make little white stains appear on your teeth.
During almost a year I have been testing only organic toothpastes and you know what?
They are amazing! Plus they whiten your teeth effortlessly. In the past I tried different types of withening products that would kill you if you swallowed them and nothing really happened.
Now the result is noticeable and it keeps evolving whenever I brush my teeth and that without harming myself!
These days I have been trying this sweet fennel toothpaste from Georganics
I got to be honest, the is my favorite! The texture is creamy and soft on the teeth. It tastes delicious and it leaves your mouth fresh and clean.
It contains coconut oil so if you do not know about this already, it's what makes the magic happens.
Coconut oil has antibacterial proprieties, so good bye toxins, bad bacteria and bad breathe!
But it is also the best to whiten your teeth! You don't trust me? Try brushing your teeth with coconut oil for a week and you'll see..
So if you're looking for something nature that will support your health.. This is the right place!
Supporting little shops and creators is what makes you take the control.
Together we can make this change, we can say no to big brands when they try to sell us what is not respecting our body.
I hope this can inspire you to move for a more healthy lifestyle. Take care crystal souls!

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