Detoxify your skin and get rid of Acne with this magical paste from Garancia

7:08 AM

Come with me I'll take you in a magic universe.
Garancia has been doing wonders to my skin lately. 
As you may know I fell in love with this brand because their products are honestly the best I have even tried.
I have a oily, sensitive and acne prone skin; most of the time the products I put on my skin do not help or worsen my situation. 
But with Garancia? It just improves my skin and reduces my scars and acne everyday.
Today I wanted to take about this product that is floating on top on my hand, let me tell you; the first time I tried it I was blown away. 
Yes I know it is a habit with Garancia...
Truely, my skin had little bumps and few pimples here and there. What I did is; I just washed my face with this foaming paste and I am not even joking...
I went back in my bathroom 2 hours after and when I took a look at my skin in the mirror... The bumps were all gone and my pimple were looking a lot smaller! Seriously I was shocked!
The paste promises you to purify and detox your skin.
From what I saw it has the possiblyto go beyond that! 
If you deal with imperfections.. You need to try this product! 
I also highly recommend you to check out their other products because they are just as amazing. Plus they create them with natural ingredients so nothing to be scared of.

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