Crystal Clear

11:13 AM

Happy New year Crystal Souls!
Let's start this year with pure crystals and positive energies.
As a spiritual person, crystals are a big part of my life.
I use them everyday and I have probably around 10 stones under my pillow. (no joke)
They keep my balanced and they help me to get rid of negative energies, they help me to heal myself, to get a clear mind, recall my dreams, explore my past lives, astral project, etc..
They are my babies and whenever I travel I always make sure to bring my favorite stones (amethyst, labradorite, sodalite and rose quartz or quartz)
Working with them is great but as you may know, crystals need to be cleansed and recharged.
My favorite technic to process it is to leave the crystal or stone under running water during 15 seconds and focus my intention on cleansing the crystal. Everything works better when you put intentions in your actions.
After this I spray my crystal with this "crystal Clear" flower essence.
Then I leave all my clean babies outside under the moonlight.
Most of my crystals and stones can be recharged with the moon's energy, but be aware that every stone is different and if you do not know if they are more lunar or solar. Google will help you out.
For example I recharge my pyrite stone under the sun and my labradorite stone under the moon light on top of amethyst stones since this is the best way to recharge them.
At first you can be a bit lost but when you get familiar with your stones it becomes obvious.
Now to talk a little more about the crystal clear spray. I love to use it on me the most. As I can feel the evolution directly on me.
For example I was chocked last week because I had a very bad day and my head ache was really intense. I sat on my bed until my eyes paused on the bottle I have next to my bed.
I sprayed it on top of my head and I felt an instant relief. 
Like if my crown chakra was clearing completely! After 5 minutes my headache was gone.
So this little potion is clearly magical.
I also love to use it during meditation and spiritual activities.
When my mind goes wild and I need to refocus myself or to get a clear mind.
I highly suggest you to give it a try and I am now thinking of trying to create my own crystal spray in the future.
I'll keep you updated about it.
I wish you all to have a magical year, full of love and empowering experiences.
I love you.

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