A pocket full of dreams

11:50 AM

A pocket full of dreams.
Unreachable for the most part.
But until they're close enough, I can continue to dream about them.
Aren't what dreams are about after all?

The coat: VIP shop use my code "Lemos947" and get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50
Earrings: Aliexpress

This coal from VIP shop has been one of my favorite lately.
It is so comfortable and stylish. I picked this model because of the trendy patchworks it has.
The design is classy and the color brings a boost of life and positivism. As always I am happy with the quality and the size I chose fits perfectly! And when you're a tiny little girl like I am, it's pretty rare to find pieces that match my measurements.
I find this coat perfect to wear with a black and classic look even casual lovers will enjoy this type of model.
And you, what do you think? Will you love to wear such a vibrant and trendy piece?
Let me know!

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