Tree To Tub - Sulfate & paraben free, vegan, cruelty shampoos

10:50 AM

Have you ever heard of the danger of sulfate? Paraben and chemicals?
Were you aware that most of the shampoos on the market contain these and damage your health?
You might think adding shampoo to your hair will stay on the surface and leave your hair and scalp clean. When in fact shampoos, just like everything we put on our skin, will be absorbed and will travel in your system and body.
So do you still think it is not important to go for something natural?
I've stopped using shampoos with harmful components for more than a year now and the first thing I noticed was that my hair was growing faster and a lot of new hair were starting to grow.
So I can guarantee you that washing your hair with shampoos that contain sulfate will never support hair growth, healthy hair and scalp.
Plus a lot of people wash their hair daily, 
so at this rate they will end up bald.
Washing your hair 2 to 3 times a week is absolutely enough!

Today I wanted to share one of the most amazing natural wonder.
The soapberry, absolutely perfect to wash your face, body, hair, laundry, etc.
The shampoos and body products you can see on the pictures from 
Tree to Tub are made of soapberries, they are organic, cruelty free, support fair trade, are vegan, naturally antibacterial, gentle, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, free of sulfate and paraben.
Can you find better than that?
I particularly love that they made a travel format so you can bring everything you need with you on a trip!
Must of people may be scared to still have greasy hair after using these natural products, but it is absolutely not the case.
I have greasy hair myself and their shampoos do the job perfectly!
My hair looks shinny, smells divine and is easy to detangle.
I believe everything we need is in nature and if we start to respect it and use what can support our health in return, that's the best trade we can make.

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