The key of the treasure

12:03 PM

It's the kind of mess in my head nobody was ever able to organize.
I thought for a long time someone would be able to solve my problems.
But the solution was the problem itself; me.
I've been chasing for a mirage most of my life because I followed the rules one day someone taught me.
But to survive in this world you need your own rules.
Nothing ever existed outside of yourself. In fact every fragment of the outside world only exists because we filter them to be a thing.
Not that they don't exist without you. 
But without you they could never be able to ink your parchment of reality.
So should we continue to scream on each other because deep down we can't find this inner satisfaction we ask for others to be?
Should we continue to wait for approvals just because we're not able to trust ourselves?
Should we cry in silence again because we can't be enough for someone who's missing self love in the first place to create the lack in someone else?

You're the key of the treasure you already possess.
So don't ask for someone else to bury it.
Because your wealth is within and without it you'll no longer exist.

Dress: Metisu

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  1. Wow! Red suits you, you look gorgeous. All the pictures superb:)
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    1. Thank you so much Tina, you are so sweet ☺️💕