The key of magic is within

10:23 AM

The key of magic is within you.
When you'll unlock your soul you'll be able to access your inner power.
The one that will guide you on a mysterious and exciting path.
You might in the ascension rediscover yourself.
You might travel through another land where is hidden a different truth.
And if feel like you lost yourself during this adventure;
Just be aware that it's to find your spiritual self at the end of the road of doubts.
When you will allow yourself to synch with your high self.
He will guide you on a new adventure filled with love.

Pumpkin and poison bottle: Boudoir du chaman
Candle & bubble bath Cauldrons: Wild Witchery Shoppe
Acne Fighting toner: Eldridge Organics
Soaps: Darosso
Lip & cheeks stains (Rose and coffee): VyanaPlantBeauty

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