What are you looking for in a partner?

10:56 AM

Should we look for the qualities we love in someone else when we already possess them?
I asked myself this question multiple times.
Since people keeping saving that opposites attract, can we be happy with someone that is a lot more different?
It seems I can't. I can't live with someone that will constantly conflict my ideas and my way of living.
I've been called selective and even intolerant because I couldn't enjoy or even accept in my life what people liked.
I don't think it is a crime to know what we want, need and value in life enough to recognize when an harmonious relationship can't be built.
In my opinion it's fine to be respectful and leave when we can't accept someone the way they are (and love to be) to the fullest. We are not supposed to make people adjust to our deepest desires.
I think the new person I have become can easily let go because I understand what everyone needs.
So there's no need to ask for someone to stay if you and that person are not fully happy.
There's no need to be afraid to be single.
Being or feeling "alone" is an illusion we create.
In fact I have never been this happy in life now that I no longer chase for happiness outside of myself and that I no longer envy people being in a relationship.
In fact I no longer want to be envious. I am happy if people are happy themselves.
I'm supportive by nature. So I will always make sure to make people noticed so they can grow happily.
Sometimes I assume people think I do it to get something in return or to seduce them.
But I haven't such intentions.
I give because I care, not to receive something back.
Simply because giving is already receiving.
It makes me happy to just share and encourage people.
I used to go crazy before when someone wasn't noticing these things but I learned with time that I need nothing necessarily if in the first place I am fulfilled. So it was up to me to acknowledge that I was enough.

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