Is your laundry detergent damaging your health?

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 Have you ever been curious about what they put in laundry detergents?
Have you find yourself having an itchy sensation and irritated skin after wearing your clothes?
Plus, most of people are not aware of this but we often experience intimate infections because of the products we use to wash our clothes.
Same thing if you experience skin diseases and disagreements.
Regular laundry detergents you find on the market are full of harmful chemicals and unnecessary perfumes that will unbalance your skin, be absorbed by your body and will cause inner damages without you being fully aware of it.
I noticed that most of people choose their laundry detergents because of the scent.
Can we now look a little closer at the components instead?
The most toxic components includes sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium silicate solution, brighteners, sodium perborate tetrahydrate, stabilizers, bleach , dioxane, Phosphates & EDTA and surfactants...
The list goes on.. So are you really wanting these?
Are they in fact necessary? Not at all.
Big brands will always make you think they need it for a specific reason so it's more acceptable. 

Most of our grandparents were only using organic soaps, natural mixture and vinegar to clean their clothes. I believe they weren't dealing with skin diseases like we do these days. Don't you think?
Nowadays we dive our bodies in a bath of toxicity.. 
In fact I still wonder why we seek for trendy products when we can clearly see how deadly they are for our health if we dare looking at the ingredients.

I even wonder how babies can survive this when they have such a sensitive skin that can react easily to irritants and toxic products. When I see my family using all these harmful products on my sister's child. I always ask myself if he's a part of a scientific experience. It's scary from my point of view.
Seriously, if you care about your health and the health of you beloved ones. It's time to share the message and to change your habits.

If you never heard about soap nuts, I highly recommend you to take a look at them. There can also be used to create your own shampoo, face wash, body wash and are worth trying to wash your clothes efficiently.
Trendy products for what, if it's damaging your health? 
Let's define a new trend. Where this one will be to be healthy. 
Your voice will impact the world and will force brands to be more transparent and to change.
Support those who work hard to respect you and make the right choices.

I also wanted to share with you this wonderful article where you can find the perfect laundry detergents for you and your children. 
Check out more. The have vegan and cruelty free products. 

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