Belle - Beauty and the beast (GRWM)

11:41 AM

I always was a big fan of Beauty and the beast and I decided to take you with me in a Disney atmosphere to discover my version of Belle.
I really hope you will like it. I made the makeup pretty simple to match her to most and added sparkles to match the dress.
Most of the things you see will be linked down below so if you are interested. Just take a look at it!
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Candles → Magic Of Candles
Chip cup → Aliexpress
Eyeliner → eyeko
Mascara → kiko
Autumn Spice Powder blush → EldridgeOrganics
Ray of light hilighter →  too faced
Body sparkles → gmfminerals
"Vintage Gold" eyeshadow → overall beauty
Lipstick →  real her
Rose water spray → baby face store
Dress →  metisu
Shoes →  ami club wear
Wig → Aliexpress
Rose necklace → Kizzlish Beauty
Beauty and the Beast handmade book → Anna Buchwunder

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