Are you observing passively?

8:48 AM

Can you perceive the despair in the person you love when she's smiling back at you to erase your worries?
Can you see the emptiness in the heart of someone that constantly try to escape reality through endless stories?
Are you observing passively?
Or ar you instead seeing what their auras can't hide so easily?
The moment you see beyond the veil of sympathy, will you be able to make them notice you?
Will you tell them that you're here for them to be true?
Or will you stay quiet to not disturb and hurt the person even more by seeing what they hardly tried to cover?
With time I realized how impossible it was to change people's reality; in fact you're not supposed to be the answer of their problems. 
But I noticed that the less they feel alone and the more they have someone to talk to. At this moment they can rise and shine.
Everybody needs to feel understood but people also need support and comforting words when they are feeling down so their energy can change into a more positive one.
I no longer can ignore people that need help so I try my best to make them aware of their potential, their inner strength and the depths in them that they tempt to forget.
The moment you can bring more positivity in someone's life, it will change it for the best.
You can't change who they are but if you trust them and love them, you will notice how they will change their thoughts in the first place; then the way they see the world.
In fact they will constantly improve themselves to become a better person.
See the power you can have?
Being a light worker is all about spreading love and noticing the light in others.
Can you imagine who Hilter would be if someone ever told him how much they trusted him, how of an amazing artist he could be and how much he could impact the world beautifully...
I think we often ignore the power of love because hate is easy to take.
So don't doubt loving words, chase for self love and spread the message.
Nothing is impossible, nobody is stuck, nobody is who he is by default. 
We chose to be who we are and if you recognize that, you can change your entire reality.
Trust me, I was there and I'll never go back.

Sweater "Welcome to Las Vegan" : Rebellious Fox
Planet earrings: Sheyle 

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