What's your method to achieve your body goal?

9:49 AM

I often see people using two different methods to achieve their body goal.
That's why I created this photo concept.
Nowadays we are constantly exposed to ads telling us to exercise and eat healthy but we are also surrounded by those that show us fast food and miracle medications to erase all our problems.
As you may know we only decide to accept and welcome the solutions we believe.
Now let me tell you the depths in all this. 

The more you're passively absorbing the informations, the more it builds a program in your subconscious mind for you. Rather your want it, the subconscious mind takes everything as the "truth".
What does it mean? It means what you absorb has control over the way you are.
One advice turn off the Tv and start to think about what's right for you. 
Create blocks and reject what you don't believe and trust by just thinking about what you want and need.
This will reprogram yourself and becomes your default.
From there you can start to be who you want to be.
This perfect body you chase is achievable and it starts to work thanks to your beliefs and motivation.
So do you need pills with multiple side effects to get what you aim for?
Or do you need to respect your body and fuel it with healthy food that will give you the energy to exercise?
I've seen a lot of people feeling depressed because they were in controlled diets and taking miracle pills. 
But you know what I could not see?
Depressed people eating what they like with a more balanced diet while they go to the gym (or do whatever sports they like). 
If you notice people's energy you'll see where is happiness.
I know you can be annoyed about people always talking about the physical and mental benefits of exercising when you're a lazy bear. I know I've been there.
But if people are obsessed with going back and exercise more, it's for a reason.
May this post inspires you to take control of your life.
Like my sweater says "U choose M Tribe"
Will the M be "Medication" or "Myself"?

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