The day I met Cristiano Ronaldo

9:29 AM

I personally have been a huge soccer lover since I am a kid.
Don't get me wrong, I always was supporting the Portuguese team.
Other games always felt like if something was missing, the love for my favorite players I guess...
When you start supporting a team a part of you becomes it.
You cry, you scream, you celebrate like if you were one with them.
Yes, sport is such a beautiful thing when you can tune in and live the moment intensely.
I went to the stadium to support the team at the end of August in Portugal and something changed inside me since that day.
Sometimes seeing your idol can redefine everything.
That is what happened for me.
I realized how real these people were, not just pixelated talents, but passionate souls.
I could see how much they give, how much they were animated but mostly how much they want to do their best.
Their concentration, their affective attentions, their emotions, their talent and their envy.
I could see more than just a game and it was beautiful to see such alchemy.
I think most of people forget about the "human side" of a sport because we only focus on their techniques of wining.
All we look for is the result to make us happy, but the experience is surely the one that moved me.

As you may know if you follow me on Instagram; I developed a real obsession for André Silva.
If you want to know why; it is because I was amazed about how sensitive and generous he could be.
His supportive hand to help Cristiano Ronaldo to stand up after being pushed on the floor just made my heart smile.
That is all I want to see in a game.
André is such a beautiful human being, he has a lot of qualities I admire.
He is very humble but also hard working and it is always a pleasure to support this type of person.

So how I ended up going to the stadium?
The night before I go my ticket, I made researches about Cristiano Ronaldo and his astrology. As a big fan I was curious to know a little more about who he was under the veil of his celebrity. 
After my researches I told myself how brilliant, generous and talented he was. But also how much I admired him for who he is.
The next day, my mom came to my room and said we had the opportunity to see the team play in Porto and something clicked inside my head.
Without asking, but just from admiring someone this much... The universe was giving me the opportunity to meet one of my role model. I believe going to the stadium was for a deepest reason.
I think it was to change my perspective but also to show me how dreamers can live their dreams.
It gave me a boost of motivation and faith for the future.
This is why I will never forget that day.


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