Our secret romance

10:19 AM

We kept our romance secret
Because none of us wanted to be a part of their gossips
So our passion started to become a mission
And from there our love started to fade away with our illusions
We wanted our relationship to be a sweet adventure without having to live a dangerous one
But everything always ends tragically when in the web of liars 
The attentive spider detects her preys
When this happens there's nowhere to hide
The truth always finds its way to manifest in this reality
And we all know that being a part of an affair, is for the law of attraction,
Accepting to play each role of involved characters
So before we start dreaming of the wrong partner with the wrong circumstances
Let's start something we deserve and respect instead
Because one day you might find yourself being the spider in this reversed reality
Just remember that you attract what you choose so may your choices be wise and full of light

Crop Top and Jeans: Lupsona
Bag and badge "Merde": De Cartons et d'Etoiles
Earrings and glasses:

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