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Today I'm coming with a special wishlist for you from Bodycon Midi Dress Australia!
Rather you're waiting for Halloween or getting ready for Christmas and New Year.
It's time to find the perfect outfits to wear for all these amazing parties.
This is why I thought it would be such a perfect occasion to create a wishlist with little black dresses.
They are a classic; especially here in France.
So what to look for in a little black dress?
Personally I love when it looks unique et creative but I also make sure that this one will brings volumes and accentuate my silhouette elegantly. I also love asymmetrical cuts, bandages and V shaped dresses since most of them know what part of the body is best to reveal.
V dresses are perfect if you don't have a breast that is too developed and creative cuts will be able to redefine your body with a more structured and classic look.
I particularly loved the asymmetrical look from the first dress. I thought it was animating the silhouette perfectly. This is the kind of dress I would totally wear to celebrate the upcoming New Year party! It's elegant, looks comfortable to wear and the design is perfect for this type of occasion.
What I particularly liked in the second dress is the V shape in the front and the collar beautifully associated to the dress.
This surely makes it look unique and the stretching material used for the dress will make sure that you're comfortable in it all night long.
For the third dress I adored the design of this one. The straps are delicately making the upper body pops and the opening under the bust brings a lot of style to the design.
For the last dress, I thought it would be perfect to define every curves and get that perfect glamorous look for the festivities. 
The volume present at the end of the dress brings attention to your legs but also slender the silhouette with its accentuation of the curves.

What do you think of these dresses and do you have a model of dresses you prefer?
You can also find a lot more different models on their website.
Let me know what type of dresses or outfit you're looking for this year!

As always you can simply click on the image of the dress you prefer and you'll be redirected on the page.
I wish you all to have a beautiful weekend!
Take care ~

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