What do we live for?

7:21 AM

What do we live for?
Is that for these multiples experiences that seem to lead us nowhere?
Is this to understand we're alone no matter how crowded this world is?
I've seen people, so much people, trying to associate themselves to a group, an idea or a religion; being afraid that life would be a lonely adventure.
Because death seems less traumatizing when you attach yourself to the essence of existence.
When you live fully with collected instants and faded memories while spiritual evolution is all about remembering. 
Remembering everything.
Remembering things you're not fully prepared to recall.
I sometimes envy you.
But I can't go back. I've no attachment.
Memories of past lives have reduced my beliefs when it comes to religions, society and the myth of death.
When possessing someone or something is the most lovely illusion.
The universe works mysteriously enough for people to get lost in interpretations.

I often wonder how many are we... Playing pretends?
Trying to fit in a fabricated world we don't believe in anymore?
Running after time and knowing this one never existed...
Knowing so much that people's dialogues finish to make you smile hopelessly.

Awakened souls. . . We're in this together.

Moonstone oxidized ring: Gotiskastil
Dress: Zara
Shoes: Zaful Use my discount code "lemos"

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