My Skincare Routine | Dry & oily Acne prone skin || Organic products (No harmful chemicals)

11:00 AM

Today I am coming to share my current skincare routine. 
The routine is perfect for every type of skin. Dry to oily and also acne prone skin!
Most of the products I use are vegan, organic, handmade & cruelty free!
I have been in love with the aloe vera dew from Driades Natural these day.
It has been doing miracles on my acne so I highly recommend you to try this product.
The charcoal mask from them is a wonder as well, no need to add water it's ready to be used and it detoxes the skin effectively. Perfect if you live in a city with the pollution but also to fight against black heads, white heads and acne.
Charcoal has been a new friend of mine these days as it makes a huge difference on my acne.
If you never tried it, I suggest you to get one and to see for yourself!
As for the serum I particularly love to apply it under my eye area as it helps me a lot with dry skin and dark circles.
Serums are absorbed a lot faster and penetrates the skin deeper so if you need deep treatments. You know where to apply this baby.
Let me know what is your skin care routine and how you deal with the challenges your skin give you everyday

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