Can you hear its calling?

1:08 PM

Can you hear its calling?
When nature speaks through you in the most subtile way.
When the air fills you up preciously.
Are you attentive?
Because it seems that we only give attention to our partner's negativity.
Like if they were the only one able to connect with us.
What a mistake. . .
People tempts to communicate with only personal intentions.
Don't you see?
While nature is giving all it possesses for you to breathe, grow and find harmony.
But instead of taking care of it, we break it, we spread the poison we've been raised with.
We pollute every part from inside and out and at the end of the day we keep on believing we did what was right.
We keep on thinking "I did the best and I love the people I live with" cause they're just as illusioned as I am.
I no longer want to be a part of this group.
Do you?
We're powerful enough to impact the world positively.
The energy never dies and it floats away to connect all the time.
Today you've the opportunity to stand up and march with me to change this world. 

To be the ally of earth and fight against the real enemy.
All you have to do is to spread your love.
Speak through your heart and you'll notice the voices of the universe.
The universe is conscious, everything around is conscious and if you doubt it..
Please look at the signs. Don't you see that the elements are raging?
This is just a response to the impact of humans energies.
We attract what we spread.
We attract what we fear.
Because it challenges you to always grow into a better spirit and if you need the most brutal lesson to learn; it will give it to you.
Knowing that, you'll understand that you're the only one able to change everything. 
Take refuge in love and peace.
Support people that impact the world positively.
Eat right, only use natural products and influence others to follow.
If we break the mold, those that feel superior will fall and the rules will change.
Think about it, share the message and I hope my energy could support your growth and way of living.
I love you all.

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