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Ready to hit the gym?

Today I am coming with a special wishlist from Dress Lily for you to get some motivation.
During summer we often take some time to relax and eat whatever we want.
That's right our body needs some vacation too.
Even though I kept working out during my trip I was not fully dedicating my time to work out intensely like I usually do.
The weather in Portugal is also very warm in summer so I bet a lot of you had to deal with the heat and felt a little low and not fully motivated.
No problem, we're back on track!
Autumn is on it's way so it's the perfect time to go back to a more regular and intense fitness routine.

This is why I felt like it was the right time to share these pieces and outfits to inspire you to stay focused on your goals while wearing the most comfy and stylish sport outfits.
What is your preference? 
Shorts? Leggings? Joggings? Sport Bras or T-shirts?
Whatever it is you might find what you need on their website!
To be honest I couldn't resit myself and I bought some cool pieces for me to exercise with.
As a fashionista, what I wear has always an impact on how I feel.
Wearing comfortable leggings and cute tops make me excited to jump into my workouts.
What about you?
I made this wishlist thinking of what I love best to wear when I do my fitness session.
Something breathable, comfortable and elastic enough to follow my moves.
I particularly love short sport tops since they allow my skin to breathe and don't capture the sweat in the fabric like T-shirts do.
It also helps you to keep you cool and balance your body heat a lot more easier.
Leggings and shorts are also my favorites to wear.
Leggings are like a second skin and I love their elasticity since it makes you completely free to move, something I find a little more difficult when I used to wear joggings pants.
As for the shorts they are my favorite to wear during summer time, after all your legs need to breath too and the big plus is that you can see your muscles flexing during your workouts!

That's all for me today. I hope you're all having an amazing and relaxing summer.
Stay motivated and make sure to keep an eye on my social medias.
I will come with fitness workout videos and motivating posts.
Take care and as always you can directly click on the pictures for you to shop the items!

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