Bikini Sexy

7:08 AM


Ready for the beach?

If you are looking for the perfect and sexy bikini, you will fall in love with the ones from Zaful.
They come with beautiful patterns and unique cuts to sublimate your silhouette.
I don't know about you but I personally love long V panties as they make your bottom look a lot more enhanced and sculpted. 
I am also a big fan of cute patterns as they animate your body effortlessly.
When I saw the burgundy bikini; I felt in love with the top. The way it falls on the shoulders brings a lot of elegance.
If now you're looking for a perfect tanned body, a bustier might be the best choice for you.
But be careful, small busts are not compatible with bustiers.
A push up or V top will be the best option for you and will make your bust look a lot more attractive.

Let me know what is the best choice for you!
If you are interested about one of these models, you can directly click on the image.
Now it's time for me to jump in my bikini and enjoy the sun of Portugal next to the pool.
Have a wonderful summer everyone!
Take care and don't forget to protect your skin ~

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