My beauty essentials

2:42 PM

During my bath time; I thought this was the perfect occasion for me to talk about my little essentials.
I have packed these babies with me to Portugal since I simply can't live without them these days.

I have recently started to use the spirulina, cucumber and neem oil acne soap and it's already improving my skin quality. The bums and acne on my face are fading away.
I particularly love the fact that this soap leaves a soft texture on the skin so it doesn't make it dry.

For the eye cream, I have been using it for more than a month now and it clearly makes my under eye area clearer. I noticed that using this product every night has improved the quality of my skin and my wrinkles are clearly less pronounced than before. I highly recommend this cream!

Now let's talk about this magical natural toothpaste.
I have personally stopped using toothpastes you bought at the mall.
The result? My teeth are ten times more white that they used to be and a lot less sensitive.
The first time I tried this toothpaste I was so surprised about how my teeth got cleared from everything. Literately, it's something hard to explain but I felt like my teeth never got this deeply cleansed before! That's why I love to use it every night before I go to bed. Plus it gets ride of the germs naturally and leaves a fresh feeling in the mouth. 
Next to that I wash my teeth with coconut oil, since it's highly beneficial for your teeth and leaves them very soft.
I can't believe I have been using harmful chemicals and fluoride for so long just because it seemed normal to brush my teeth with poison.
Commercials are spreading bullshit to be completely honest.
Telling you it's safe. Telling you it's normal to put sulfate and fluoride in your mouth.
Fluoride was used by Nazis to weakened and control people's minds in concentration camps..
Can you still think the society and rich people that governs are not doing this on purpose?
When fluoride is found in tap water and toothpastes. 
"Wash your teeth 3 times a day", "Tap water won't kill you" they say.

It's time for you to stop the manipulation and get in action.

Start to get informed about the danger of sulfate and fluoride. 
Then read the components of the "beauty products" and you'll understand in what kind of mascarade we live.

Take care of you angels!

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