Friends not food

11:10 AM

We are little revolted spirits.
Marching together to make this world a better place.
We want people to feel as good as we do.
We want them to see the light that shines in us so it can start a fire in them.
But the best way to inspire people...
Is to be truly yourself.
No matter what they say.
No matter what they do.
Just do what's right for you.
Directing people and manipulation will only show how unstable and needy you are.
When you're at peace, you already know that everyone is doing their best.
You already know that people only accept the same path or energy when they are ready.
Don't force things, let them happen and welcome people with love and understanding no matter what they choose to experience in this life time.
May these words inspire you to let go on control, forgive and accept with a loving heart.

Vegan T-shirt "friends not food": My positive vibes

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  1. coool look! Love the jeans!

    Thanks for the share :)
    Jo x

  2. Wonderful styling