Within me

7:46 AM

It shines inside me.
It has no predefined forms and colors.
But that's fine with me.
I've been living with you.

With the impossibility to perceive you.
When you did everything for me..
To create inside me a refuge of stability.
But I kept running away from myself.
I kept dreaming to be another person.
A better one, that possess everything she needs.
So I ended up being my own enemy.
Because I thought valuable things could not be inside me...
I was my own bully; hating others to throw their hate at me.
When I started to follow their influence and tune with their insecurities.
They have injected the poison for me to spread it inside.
Until I decided to reset and face who I was.
Who I could be.
And I am sorry for you.
Because all this time, you kept fighting for me.
Carrying so much beauty and strength for such a blind soul.
What a fool I have been.
Trusting human's medicine.
When in me I've seen.
A loving and strong aura glowing from within.

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