Candies for your hair

12:11 PM

Let's keep the poison away and start to wash your hair with Sulfate free and Paraben free shampoos and conditioners. 
As I said before, sulfate in your products are highly irritating and toxic for your scalp and body.
Your skin absorbs all the thing you put on it so do you really want to become its home?
You deserve to be treated with love and respect, not only in your relationships but also with the products you decide to apply on your skin.
Since I stopped using hair products from the market, I have seen a huge different.
My hair grows faster, a lot of hair are growing back since my scalp is not toxic anymore and my hair is stronger and shinier.
I honestly wished I knew it before, so I'm here to tell you.
It's time for you to gain this awareness and make the right choice for you.
As for these wonderful products they are vegan and color safe! 
Perfect if you're a little rainbow like me.

Shampoo & conditioner: Sugared Skulls 4 U
Necklace: Misfit Makes
Rings: Ring Crush

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