Are your products really taking care of your skin?

8:37 AM

Taking care of your skin? Yes.
But do you really care of the products you put on your skin?
Most of us trust big brands because of the illusion they create around what they sell.
They use celebrities we adore to trap us.
They take pictures that makes your mind want to possess it and diffuse ads that play with your subconscious mind.
Now let me ask you one question.
If this product was so magical, do you really think they would need it?
Don't you think if something is absolutely revolutionary, people would actually talk about it spontaneously? 
I do believe so. 
Because I believe everything your skin needs is respect and love. Yes, just this.
So now where do you think the purest form of love is?
In nature my dears.
Nature is here to serve and help you in every way.
Science has been mistaking us for a long time and people are starting to realize how fooled they have been.
Money can buy everything, testimonials are mostly paid as well and talented actors pretend to benefit from something... Yes, something called "money".
I've seen them, they are everywhere. Trying to make you join and buy things thanks to their influence.
This is why I have decided to share handmade products that are nothing but a flirt with nature.
Because that's all we need, I've tested both and I can't go back to what I used to buy.

These days I have been using these products from Baby Face. They are nothing but natural skin cares and they are absolutely wonderful.
I am using them everyday and my skin quality has changed dramatically.
I used to be quite lazy when it comes to stick to a skin care routine but I had a terrible skin for a while now and I forced myself to stick to it and apply a toner, a serum and a cream at least every night before I go to sleep.
For my pre-makeup routine I love to gently wash my face with an organic soap.
Then I start with their wonderful Bulgarian rose water for a fresh feeling on my skin.
After what I just need one pump of this meringue and lemon serum, this one is perfect for skin darkening correction and it has been helping me A LOT with my acne and scars. 
Next step, I love to apply the tightening potion that lifts my skin and minimizes the pores. 
Exactly what you need before applying make up. 
This way you will have a smooth surface to work with.
And the last step is simply the millionaire cream
This one is absolutely perfect, especially before applying your foundation as it has a little stickiness to it so it will let your foundation stay in place all day long. Just like a primer would do.

Then at the end of the day I remove my make up and take the charcoal mask with me in the shower.
Since I have a very sensitive and acne prone skin this mask has been wonderful to detoxify and treat my skin deeply. Charcoal is such a wonderful thing when you're dealing with acne and toxicity.
What I like about these products is that they won't give me any reaction, they are here to work with my skin and respect it.
This is something I found difficult to say about products in general since my skin is highly sensitive and don't like a lot of products.
So if you're looking for good, natural and organic products. You're at the right place.
I know what it is like to be disappointed all the time you try a new product for "sensitive skin" and end up with terrible redness and reactions. Or even worst; breakouts.
We don't want those to happen anymore and the only way for you to be free from that is to look at the components of your products.
Don't spend fortunes on crap, invest in what is not so "trendy" but "healthy".
People will notice the difference on your skin and you'll be the one influencing this wonderful change.
Compagnies can continue to spend their money on ads. 
Your genuine experience and opinion is what's truly golden.

Take care beautiful souls.

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