A strange dream

6:38 AM

I see his face in my dreams.
A repetitive strip of an old movie played on repeat.
I don't know you, but you do.
You talk about our past.
Our memories with teary eyes and a crooked smile.
You keep saying you'll stay next to me.
You keep saying the demons took my memory.
Then comes your same group of friends; standing dramatically in front of me with their pens.
They give me candies I never saw before and talk to me in a language I barely comprehend.
They are here to help you keep saying.
A deadly silence; I'll keep giving.
I'm starting to not remember the days when these dreams start to feel like reality.
Every time it is the same scene, the same bed, the same stranger that stares at me.
But today feels different.
I found my hand holding another one from a girl that looks like me.
I am patient 78.
Room A1.
Died at 24.
Time 10.08am.
From a car accident on Friday, May 5th 2017.

Nothing but numbers of my own forgotten existence.

The necklace: Boudoir du Chaman
Skirt & body: Rosegal
Shoes: Ami club wear

Sunglasses: Gloria Sanchez Artist

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