Zaful Wishlist _ Houses & Covers

5:10 AM


Hello Mermaids!
What a perfect day to dedicate this one for your own comfort.
I know how much we need our little loner time at home relaxing.
Rather you love to chill on the coach or on top of your bead reading, spending your time on Netflix or  watching K-dramas.
I admit I'm guilty of spending hours in front of K-dramas at night before taking some time to read and sleep.
That's is why I'm sharing these amazing home covers with you today.
First of all they are the cutest and are just made for you ocean cuties.
They are a lot a wonderful designs and colors.
Enough to make you want to buy all of them.
So think of you today and do something special for your own care and relaxation.

Let me know which one of these tails you would love to wear to remind you your past ocean life during your relaxing days.
As always you can buy them by clicking on the pictures.

Psst! Are you looking for Makeup Brushes & accessories?
You'll find a lot of creative ones on Zaful!

Take care of you and I'll see you soon.

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