11:22 AM

Are you just a dream?
When your eyes look at me with hypnotism.
When you're just like steam.
Blocked in my system.
Isn't it extreme?
To make me you new victim?


Hello classic souls!
I received this amazing dress from
Perfect for this season and for the warm weather coming up.
If you're planing to have garden parties or sunny dates, this is the perfect dress for you.
Its soft minty color is simply beautiful and I am in love with the black details in lace.
It creates wonderful classic outfit easy to wear for any occasion.
Very agreeable to wear, with light and loose material.

Have you ever ordered on VIPme ?
If not; this is the best time for you to shop on their website!
I have a special discount code for you!
You can use my coupon code: Lemos545

Use this Code at to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50!

Let me know if you like this look and what you think of VIPme!
I woud love to know.

Make sure to have a magical day!

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