11:29 AM

She was sensitive.
Brutalized from the start with scars they couldn't perceive.
She kept on smiling.
She kept forgiving.

It never was clear for you to see.
How you locked her in misery.
In her chest was beating the perfect symphony.
An orchestra built in her imaginary.

Ô only if you could have been.
The strong man she imagined.

In neurosis; you set her in.
"A prisoner of love" you kept singing.
But when she embraced her destiny.
Freedom, was all she could see.

Is this poetry?
Or just a page of my story...

Shirt: Minzkou
Wide-legged Pants: Minzkou

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  1. For my first time on this blog, let me say I've swooned to this lovely blouse and bell bottom pants outfit on LOOKBOOK. Pure awesomeness here. Well styled!

    1. Thank you so much John! I am so happy you liked this look. :D


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