Allez tous vous faire aimer

9:17 AM

Do you still believe in love?
With your heart broken to the core.
Driving the blood in your veins like a poison.
When all you needed was poetry of the soul.
But only received a shot of his venom.
Is this the antidote?
Trying harder.
Pushing further.
Until your piece of the puzzle matches another dreamer.

Patches Pizza Inspector and Shark: Kodiak Milly
T-shirt: Pep Illustration
Bag: La policière
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Shoes: Ami Club Wear 


Hello cuties! I've discovered a wonderful blogger lately and I wanted to share her beautiful work with you today.
Make sure to show some love to Melissa's
 fashion blog from Germany.

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  1. Your photos look amazing!
    Would you like to follow each other? let me know!


  2. You are very beautiful! You have a nice and clean Blog!

    Xo, Melissa


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