Relaxing with WooMood

5:33 AM

Hello beauties!
As you can see I have received a lot of amazing soaps and candles from WooMood.
The messages on their candles are so inspiring and add something to the room they're placed.
I love how candles can create a very cosy atmosphere.
Not only for their appearance, but also for the perfume they naturally diffuse in your cocoon.
It's always a pleasure to enter a room after a long day at work or at school and find the comfort of an olfactory embrace.
But we can go even deeper into this relaxing moment and take a hot shower while applying on your body a delicate soap that will leave your skin soft with a sweet fragrance. 
I am currently using the lemon soap and I absolutely love this one.
I have been using it daily for almost 2 months now and it's still not completely consumed.
So it's very economical compared to the liquid soaps I used to buy in stores.
Something I will never be able to buy anymore since it's full of harmful chemicals.
Everything in their products are natural, they are hand made and cruelty free.
So no harm against animals but also no harm for your own precious body. 
Try them! You won't be able to stop using them.

Soaps and candles: WooMood
Sweater: Fashion Mia
Skirt: Karmology Clinic
Choker: Kimikorea

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