Milly Bridall UK dresses wishlist

9:28 AM


What a better way to celebrate Woman's day with fashion and elegance.
Are you looking for the perfect dress? 
Are you invited to a party or a beautiful event?
If so; I created a little wishlist from Milly Bridal UK for you today and I am very excited to share everything with you.
Spring is on the way, ready to embrase our hearts with its warm weather.
Just like nature; whenever the sun shines I  am getting ready to bloom with the season.
I am always wanting to wear beautiful and creative dresses with delicate material and designs.

Lace for me is a symbolism of elegance and purity.
It is the best material to play with to bring another perspective to your outfit.

I have made this selection thinking of what I would love to wear if I was invited to a wedding or a spring party during the day.
Something that will be soft, light, classy and that will make a good impact on people.
Yes, when it comes to fashion I always love to be the center of attention and with these dresses, it will be quite easy for you to have all these eyes on you.
They can be the perfect chiffon bridesmaid dresses!
These dresses are charming and will certainly sublimate any woman.
I love the work on the lace with its floral patchworks especially.
The pastel aspect and the fluid tulle is divine and brings a wonderful softness to these dresses. 

Let me know your thoughts about them and do not forget to visit their website for more dresses, outfits and accessories.
They also have magical wedding dresses for the day of your life.

If you are interested by the models in this wishlist, please just click on the image and you will find your way to heaven.
I wish you all a beautiful day.

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