Heavenly Botanicals Soaps review

8:37 AM

Take me to the shower!
These soaps from Heavenly Botanicals are magical, not to mention that they are vegan, cruelty free, handmade, chemical free and completely organic.
Their scents are going to make you want to shower multiple times a day.
I wanted to try these especially for my skin problem areas.
Since lemon , clay and charcoal are one of the best ingredients to make your acne fades away.
I love that they also respect the skin and doesn't make it dry after the shower.
As for the acne, it does its job. 
I personally use them with a scrubbing brush and it leaves my skin perfectly soft, free from dead skin and reduces blackheads.
Your entire face and body will be smooth and delicate like a caress.
The Acne soap contains vitamin A, really beneficial to fight acne but also have vitamins  E, K and COQ10; a perfect anti-oxidant to reduce the aging effect of your skin.
But not only! This one contains healing essential oils and minerals that makes it the perfect anti bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-aging soap!
In fact you will love this soap for any type skin problems like eczema, wounds, acne, psoriasis,..

Make sure to visit Heavenly Botanicals for more wonderful products!

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