Haus Of Robot _ Wishlist

8:06 AM


Hey beautiful souls!Today I am coming with another wishlist from the website Haus Of Robot.
If you're in my web family for a few time now you may already know this wonderful brand.
I have been wearing these T-shirts all the time in California and I wanted to share them again because nobody can get enough of their perfect designs.
Plus they are comfy, made in the USA and 100% in cotton. 
So perfect if like me you have a sensitive skin.
This brand makes unique prints so it will also be the occasion for you to wear something nobody around you will have. 
Except if you share your secret shop with your crew.
In this case you guys will all look amazing united.

What I loved about these designs is that it comes with a lot of symbols I can relate to since they have something spiritual.

This time we did not forget about you sexy males, you can also get your T-shirt since this brand is unisex. 
Awesome right? This can also be a good idea to have them as couple T-shirts to match.

In love already? Wait there's more!
We are generous today and give you the chance to get 15% off with the code  "15off" (yes, you will save $15 on the t-shirts)!!!

If you like a model on the pictures, just click on it and you will be redirected on the T-shirt you love.

I hope you all will have a magical day!
*flying kisses*

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