Vegan and Sugar free Apple sauce banana pie with Redmond

12:03 PM

Hey everyone! Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite dessert's recipe.
This apple sauce / banana pie is all vegan, organic and sugar free!
I got the chance to receive Redmond's fabulous Multi-cooker and hand blender so I had to share these amazing products with you.

I highly recommend these products, the multi-cooker is now one of my favorite thing to use when I cook. Everything is so easy, the process is fun and the meals are always so delicious.
Plus you are sure that nothing will burn. So even if you're terrible at cooking; you will transform into a chef!
What I also love about this multi-cooker is that if you are about to move in and have your own place to live this is all you need to cook and it doesn't make your kitchen or apartment smell since you can close it.
I think this is a big bonus! I've lived on my own apartment in the past and I wished I had it to keep my environment pure and more minimalist when it comes to cooking tools.

Just continue to read.

First you will need apples to create the apple sauce for your pie.
I used 5 apples for mine.

Cut the apples in pieces.

Drop the pieces in Redmond's Multi-cooker.

Add a spoon of cinnamon to it.

Get your multi-cooker ready.

Select the program "express" and your apple sauce will be ready in just 15 minutes.
Yes I know. It's so fast and it comes out perfectly!

Mix everything to create a smooth apple sauce with Redmond's hand blender.
I was honestly so impressed on how fast and efficient this blender was.

Pour the mixture over the crust.
*To make your own vegan crust just use your favorite flour, water and olive oil. 

Cut the bananas into slices and place them on top.
Close the multi-cooker and select the program "Bake"

Ta-Da! After 1 hour in the multi-cooker, the pie is ready.

Tips: If you want to keep the color of your bananas intact just pour a little bit of lemon juice on top before cooking the pie.

I totally forgot to add this step to mine.
Lesson learned. 

Serve it in a plate, add agave on top and enjoy!

Let me know if you tried this recipe, you can totally do it without the multi-cooker and if you need some help just let me know in the comments.

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