Chase of immortality

11:29 AM

Classic pains in an elegant body.
She's been disillusioned by the medicine.
Today there's a new place for a remedy.
Finding the perfect cure for perfected diseases.
Chase of immortality.

The Choker: Gamiss
The Dress: Zaful
The boots: Kimikorea

I have been trying these essential oils from Megan's Marvelous Medicinals.
I was looking for something more natural to boost my immune system and balance everything in my body.
These are so amazing.
The rolls make them so easy to apply and they all smell devine!
I like this lemon essential oil; I apply it on my problem areas to kill all the bad bacteria and leave my skin purified and clean.
The Equilibrum is perfectly balancing your hormones; that's the magic to use when you are fragile and feeling unbalanced down there.
I particularly love the "breathe easy" roll-on, it works for well on me.
I apply it before to sleep and I can breathe more easily and more peacefully since the smell is wonderful thanks to eucalyptus essential oil.
They all have amazing healing proprieties and I suggest to learn more directly on the internet.
You are going to love them!
I use them almost every night after my shower and it always feels so relaxing.

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  1. Great styling, brilliantly dopadowane high heels.
    We share your designs on my blog.