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Have you ever heard of Probiotic Soaps?
Let me tell you how wonderful they are!
These are from "That Family Soap".
I have been using them for 4 months now and they have been working so well on me to cure my acne.
Probiotic soaps contain EM1; friendly microbes necessary for your body to stay healthy.
These will transform the bad bacteria present on your skin and the soap will also penetrate your skin and balance it by reestablishing a healthier area.
Probiotics in general work wonderfully for every type of infections caused by an unbalance. 
If you suffer from yeast infection, candida, acne, psoriasis, eczema,.. [skin problems in general]
You have to be aware that they are caused by an unbalance. 
It means that your body contains more bad bacteria than good ones and your body reacts to protect himself with all these crazy things we hate so most.

To cure; Probiotics are a perfect boost, but even if you will notice miracle effects on your body... Please do not believe it will go away completely if you only treat your body right outside but not inside and keep eating unhealthy food.
You want tips? 
Detox, drink a lot of water, cook your own meals with organic products, get away from sugar [Sugar is the food for bad bacteria and create an acidic area perfect for them to develop and grow] so use healthier substitutes.
How about trying agave? 

Alright now you know!
These soaps have been my favorites. I am honestly just using these on my acne and intimate area.
They have cleared my acne on my shoulders and back in just few months when I used to try everything and nothing worked during years.
Try them, you won't be disappointed!


Are you looking for a relaxing moment?
Melly Made Naturals have everything you need!
What's more perfect than adding some salt and essential oils to your bath?
I have been in love with this product and it's hard to not take bath everyday.

The Boo-Boo balm and miracle salve are my saviors whenever I travel.
They are easy to transport and to apply.

The lip balm is the one I use every night before going to sleep.
I love the scent and the soft aspect it leaves on my lips.
When I wake up my lips are shinny, elastic and healthy looking!

Now let's talk about the essential oils custom rolls...
I am a huge fan! I can't stop applying them on me.
I love to meditate and relax before sleeping and these have helped me to feel more relaxed.
Their scents are also wonderful and I highly recommend them if you meet problems to relax or to sleep.
They will take you where you want in an instant.


More wonders from Green Charm.
This anti-age and after sun oil has become my favorite during months now.
This one is vegan, completely organic, the scent is a wonder and it transforms your skin!
It leaves it so soft, moisturized and shiny.
I particularly love to apply it before going to bed so it acts like a mask all night long!

The solid bar shampoo is easy to apply, very bubbly and it leaves a fresh jasmine scent to your hair.
Such a good product!

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