Without you

7:44 AM

In this craziness they show us the destination.
Drugs and alcohol are the directions for integration.
The artifice to handle our pains.
The illusion we trust to draw a smile on our face.
This way we can continue to feel alive in a world we do not fit in naturally.

This way we won't feel too guilty to drift easily.
When in parallels we can consume the elixir that can make us breathe under water.
The magical potion we take to escape cruelty.

Am I alone?
Alone floating with emptiness.
Welcoming this raw brutality.
They keep calling me crazy.
When they are all elusive in reality.
I am dead.
Because I allow me to be alive without a cure.
Without a cure that isn't myself.
We find the problems to be the solution.
Nothing will solve it for you.

Without you...
You're the one that has taught me the biggest lesson in life.
I won't follow you.
Grandpa, I have lost you in addiction.
This won't be my destination.

The hat, skinny and boots: kimikorea
The sunglasses: Giant Vintage
The shirt: Gamiss
The belt: Zaful

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  1. Wonderful post, love all! The words, your look and your attitude on this pictures!!
    Kisses dear!!

    1. Aw thank you so much sweetie! It means a lot coming from you. :)
      *Flying kisses*


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