The right destination

9:59 AM

I left a letter in the corner of the streets for you to find on your way home.

I'm taking the right destination.
After hurting you and blaming you for the things you used to do..
I finally realized it'll never be important for you because you've created a routine around them.
But what was important for me was not the way you trace these inked words on the paper.
But what they mean and where they come from.
I realized you only wanted me to be your companion in misfortune in the name of acceptation.
When I could only be the glimpse of evolution.
I was not here to control.
I wanted you to be in control.

The Kimono: Hippie Massa

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  1. Your hair is so beautiful! Xx

  2. You are beautiful and strong, Marion! :) xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW


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