Goodbye Chemicals

9:40 AM

Goodbye chemicals and inorganic products to clean my body.
I'll never go back!
Being extremely aware of the damaging impact some cleaning products can have on our skin...
I've decided to stop using them and going back to natural, healthy, cruelty free, organic and vegan products.
So what is better than handmade ones?
Dedicated their love and attention to create something unique is a sign of quality my friends!

I have a sensitive skin and my body react easily to agressive components.
This soap with coconut, carthame, Shea butter, macadamia, grape seed and organic honey of Sully was perfect to try!
It leaves the skin soft and cleaned perfectly.
Plus honey is highly recommended when you suffer from acne or if you have scars you want to make disappear faster.
Why ? Because honey contains antioxidants and enzymes that enhanced benefits on and in your body.

The beewax lip balm is also a wonder!
I love to put lip balm every night before to sleep and this one is surely one of my favorites!
It melts so easily on the lips and moisturize them for a long long time.

If you want to see more organic and magical products make sure to visit Green House Epinac!

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