E-polette _ Giveaway

3:21 PM

I was dreaming about this pair of E-Polette for a long time and here she is!
Spending my days in front of a screen; I couldn't find a better option.
As you may know working as a blogger, freelancer and youtuber ask you to spend hours a day in front of your computer.
So you can imagine how exciting it was for me to try them.
I've been spending 10 hours working on my computer 2 days ago and wearing them all this time helped me a lot.
When I'm usually tired my vision get a little blurry but this time every letter was perfectly clear.
I was honestly impressed and amazed about it.
So how does it work? The glasses filter the blue light of our screens at 40%. Nice hum?
Especially when you are aware that the blue light impact our biological clock and reduce the production of melatonin necessary for a good night of sleep.
So does it mean I have insomnia because of my screen's exposition?
I'm afraid it is the case. . .

I'm also glad I can counter the effect with this beautiful pair of e-polette.

You want to win 50% off to buy your own pair of glasses from Polette?
Enter the giveaway on my Instagram and follow the steps.
Let me know in the comments what is your favorite pair as well.
I will be announcing the 10 winners on Monday 24th!

Have a magical weekend ~

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